My style is often described as natural, simple, and timeless and I try to incorporate these elements into every session.

I absolutely love to photograph brand new babies and Fresh 48 sessions have become my passion. I offer an online workshop to photographers on this topic and greatly enjoy my role as an educator.

I'm often practicing new skills on my own children. We have Adler who is a wild threenager and sweet Eloise joined the crew this spring. They are the light of our lives! And the reason for my dark circles and caffeine addiction. 

Hello! I am a natural light photographer serving Chicago, Ann Arbor, and Mid-Michigan. I specialize in newborn, child, and family photography and love capturing authentic moments.

 In 2022, our business moved full time to Ann Arbor, Michigan and we offer select sessions in Chicago four times a year. 

I graduated from The University of Michigan in 2009 (Go Blue!) and moved to Chicago in 2010 to attend Loyola University where I received a Master's of Social Work focusing on Child Mental Health. I lived in Miami for a year before returning to Chicago where I began to focus on building my portrait business. 

xo Hannah

Thank you to Simply by Suzy Photography, and Yofi Photography for capturing these personal images. 

Fast Fact #1
I am a homebody. I will choose my couch and takeout over a fancy restaurant (almost) any day. 

Fast Fact #2
My husband and I met in homeroom on the first day of high school. We didn't start dating until years later when I moved to Chicago
(turns out I moved one block from his apartment). 

Fast Fact #3
Contrary to being a homebody, I love to travel! The more exotic location, the better. Bali may be my favorite trip I've taken so far, but I do believe that Paris is always a good idea. Travel with a toddler certainly adds a new element to our "vacations"

Fast Fact #4
My son has basically been a cheeky monkey since day one. We are 18 months in and he still hasn't slept through the night. But he is also the sweetest boy I've ever met. His name is Adler, but not named for the Planetarium.

Fast Fact #5
I am a huge fan of The Office. Did you catch my quote on the homepage? I have seen every episode at least 10 times and will never not laugh at the cold open to "Stress Relief" 

© 2022 Hannah Drews photography - chicago - Ann Arbor 

© 2022 Hannah Drews photography 
chicago - Ann Arbor